Easter Traditions to Share

Easter Memories

When Easter is mentioned I can’t help but think back to the traditions we had when I was a child. I can remember dressing up in my Sunday best, going to brunch after church with my family, watching Fred Astaire and Judy Garland dance in the movie Easter Parade, and hunting for homemade Easter eggs with my brother. Sometimes those eggs were forgotten about until the smell alerted us to their hiding spot weeks later.

Traditions offer moments to pause and reflect meaningfully on our past, give a sense of belonging and comfort, and can also guide younger generations to keeping those beliefs strong for years to come. As the holiday approaches take time to think on what traditions are important to you and find time to share those traditions! Have and Easter egg hunt for your grandchildren; Watch a cherished movie with your children; make a favorite holiday meal with your caregiver; but also stay open to taking part in different traditions.


Easter Lily Memorials

Remember those loved ones who have passed by with an Easter lily. There are many places that offer Easter lily memorials to be displayed (like at a church or senior center), but you can also get your own to care for. Taking care of an Easter lily is a great way to remember those people in your life who were important and who may have imparted traditions of the season on to you. Additionally, if you are able, you can take an Easter lily to someone who is unable to leave their home; bringing them some tradition and sharing the season with them.  

Dye Easter Eggs

It’s not just for children! Though helping the grandkids, nieces and nephews in your life does bring a great sense of fun to these types of activities. Dying Easter Eggs is an old tradition, but if using dye seems like a little too much work, or something you want to leave for their parents, you can still decorate eggs with your young family members using stickers! There are often kits that come ready made for using stickers for Easter eggs. Of course Easter Egg Hunts are often what comes next after decorating! Whether it’s a simple hunt for the kids, a complex one for adults, you can join in the fun or watch and take pictures as the people in your life enjoy themselves.

Attend Holy Week Services

Easter is the time of year when Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Services are often offered throughout the week at churches/places of worship.  Maundy Thursday services commemorate the day Jewish Passover was celebrated in the Bible; it was the day Jesus had The Last Supper with his disciples. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus; the type of service this day varies but can include prayer and vigils, fasting, and reflection. Easter Sunday commemorates the day Jesus rose from the dead. Services often include a time of praise of celebration.

Whether you spend this holiday relaxing and brunching with family, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, making it a fun experience for the young children in your life, or in other ways there are plenty of activities for you to take part in, share, and enjoy.

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