Nurses Week 2017

Every year there is a time set aside where people across the world celebrate nurses and the energy and care that they put into nurturing others. National Nurses Week. It always begins on May 6 and ends on May 12, the birthday day of Florence Nightingale.

Nightingale’s Influence

Florence Nightingale is the inspiration behind National Nurses week. She was a woman who knew, even as a young girl, that she wanted to help heal people. As she fulfilled her goal she also changed the way nursing and medical care looked. Nightingale recognized that the unsanitary conditions aided in the death of patients. More people were dying from infections rather than dying from their actual injuries. Nightingale worked to establish clean health standards such as washing hands, cleaning the wounds, and providing fresh water & suitable food. Not only did she improve the way medical care was given, but she also was an example of showing compassion and commitment to her patients. An example that has continued on for generations for to come. Bringing nursing to the standards that we use today, Florence Nightingale became known as the mother of modern nursing.

Why Nurses Rock!

If you have ever been in the care of a nurse then you will have experienced the kindness and passion that they exhibit. Being a nurse requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Oftentimes their efforts are not appreciated, and their role is not fully understood.

Nurses wear many hats and juggle various responsibilities. They are caregivers: providing attention and various amounts of care to their patients. They are effective communicators: working with various members of the clinical team as well as the family, and informing everyone involved of strategies. They are advocates for their patients: they protect the rights of the patient and speak up for them.

Beyond that, nurses tirelessly put in hours to ensure that their patients receive the best care. They form bonds with families, encourage patients, support the entire clinical team, embrace victories, comfort through tragedies, and then they do it again. Day after day.

Bowes In Home Care Thanks You

From pediatrics to surgical care, disease outbreaks to the war front, over the years until now these men and women have dedicated their lives to their craft. This includes the nurses within the staff here at Bowes In Home Care. We are proud of their commitment and devotion to their patients and community. To them we say thank you for all the small and large, noticed and unnoticed things that you do every day. We couldn’t do it without you.

Take time this week to reach out and honor/thank the nurses in your life. Sometimes a simple thank you can mean the world.

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