Home health care has seen no significant advancements in recent time, Bowes In Home Care is changing that. We have completely re-imagined what home health care is using new technologies and new techniques. Our home care staff coordinates information and care, assists patient and caregivers with direct problem solving, and provides patient centered support to address issues, barriers, and challenges to achieve a stabilized home environment.

Bowes In Home Care is a Medicare-certified home health agency built on the utilization of innovative programs to establish the highest quality of care and proven patient outcomes. Bowes In Home Care offers forward-thinking programs that focus on specific disease processes and education on risk factors in order to reduce hospital readmissions. Our care managers hold weekly multidisciplinary case conferences and maintain excellent communication with the hospitals case management team. Bowes In Home Care’s Intake Nurses are on duty 24/7.

  • “It is a great honor to be able to serve the needs of our patients and each day is it's own reward. We are blessed with a phenomenal team of caring and patient professionals.”

    Susan W. | Individual Valued Clinical Administrator
  • “Making a difference in the well being and health of our patients goes way beyond the care we provide. Our patients become our loved ones, our family and our friends.”

    Radhika P. | Individual Valued Director of Operations
  • “The reactions I get everyday about the care and service we deliver continues to amaze me. We are truly an exceptional team of caring and compassionate health care professionals.”

    Debbie F. | Individual Valued Registered Nurse