What are Geriatric Social Workers?

Like with social workers for children, senior social workers are concerned with the welfare of communities, families, and individuals. Specializing in adults 65 and over, geriatric social workers are trained to find solutions to help address the numerous environmental challenges that come with aging. In short, it is their priority to improve the quality of lives of their clients, and ultimately to help protect the elderly from those who might try to take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

What Do Senior Social Workers Do?

One of the most common things a geriatric social worker does is to help clients deal with complicated government programs that they may not realize are out there and able to aid them. These programs include everything from social services and local community programs to healthcare providers and other legal entities.

Not only can senior social workers help their clients apply for services from a variety of public and private programs, they’re also experts who are able to help resolve any issues that may occur in the delivery of those services, including social services and obtaining funding for elder care. Social workers for seniors are able to direct older adults to a number of beneficial programs, such as helping seniors gain access to local senior transportation, food delivery services like Meals on Wheels, in-home assistance services, and many other programs.

Additionally, geriatric social workers often provide counseling services that can help the elderly cope with many end-of-life issues. This counseling can make the transition from their home to a long-term care environment as smooth as possible. It can also reduce the burden of dealing with a variety of common issues facing the elderly, including the creation of living wills and DNR orders.

Making Families Stronger

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help when you need it. With the aid of geriatric social workers, older adults have the opportunity to remain in their own home longer, enjoying significantly safer lives. For any family providing care for an elderly family member, consulting with a social worker can make social services and elderly parents a much easier match to make.