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We all know there are lots of factors that seniors consider when choosing a retirement community, one of those factors that consistently leads the list is the anxiety a senior has when making this life transition. Using the 1 program to show proven data of decreased falls, hospital readmissions, and behavioral issues will lower the anxiety your prospective clients face. It doesn’t just move you up on their list of choices, it makes you the 1.

How do I know the 1 Program will work for my community?

It’s a great question, and here is a great answer, simply. But in greater detail taking one local retirement community as an example, their residents were experiencing an average of 22 falls per month. After the implementation of the 1 program over the past 365 days this community had only experienced an astonishing 1 fall. We couldn’t be happier with this transformation and we’re pretty confident you will be too. This is just one example of how powerful an impact the 1 program can make for your residents and your community. The communities that we have implemented the 1 program in will be happy to provide a testament to our success upon request.

Some of the highlights the 1 program has to offer:

  • An individualized plan for each specific community’s needs
  • A three month statistical data collection period
  • Oversight and documentation of the program
  • Educating and collaborating with your team through weekly meetings
  • A professionally developed collateral piece highlighting the results of the program
  • A whole bunch of smiles

For more information on our programs call 847-742-5757 or CONTACT US today!