In Home Ambulation Exercise for Seniors

Bowes In Home Care’s caregivers provide senior Ambulation Exercise or exercise therapy services to help your loved one increase range of motion, strength, balance endurance and walk pattern. Through regular and consistent exercise therapy, seniors are able to remain independent, healthy and happy.

For seniors that might have difficulty walking, learning to safely move from bed to chair or from wheelchair to toilet can help them live independently and increase their confidence. Bowes In Home Therapy, through ambulation exercise therapy, can reduce the risk of falling by introducing the “Cycle of Activity” where the participant goes through a strengthening process which leads to, increased mobility, increased balance, increased confidence, safety awareness, and increased activity.

When people are preparing for ambulation exercise, it is usually a good idea to introduce mechanical aids to the treatment. This way if a loss of balance should occur, steadiness can be quickly obtained. After a fall or long bed rest many times people suffer from muscle weakness caused by decreased activity which leads to a lack of confidence when walking. Many think that without support or mechanical aids they will not be able to walk on their own. Ambulation exercises can help reduce the fear associated with a fall or near fall, and regain confidence.

A combination of range-of-motion, muscle-strengthening, and ambulation exercise is used to counter the effects of prolonged bed rest or immobilization. General conditioning exercises in home help improve cardiovascular fitness as well as maintain or improve flexibility and muscle strength.