Speech and Language Therapy Helps Regain Independence

Speech therapy for seniors is quite often a necessary part of the recovery process. Whether recovering from the debilitating consequences of a stroke, heart attack, or dementia; or simply having issues due to the natural aging process speech therapy can help.

Speech and language therapy helps individuals improve breathing, speaking, or swallowing functioning. Speech therapy focuses on the ability to understand words and the ability to use words to express yourself.

The ability for us to communicate successfully and actively be able to participate in our care is important at any age, but for the elderly it can be absolutely essential. If a senior is unable to effectively describe where and how they are hurting, what they need, or what is wrong in general, a dangerous situation can quickly occur. This can easily lead to a readmission and further health complications.

If speech therapy is part of your discharge plan, our skilled therapists will make sure you receive the best in home care possible. Our speech therapists are able to help improve the lives of seniors who suffer from:

  • A stroke
  • A heart attack
  • Dementia
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Other issues stemming from illness or aging